Meet Betsy...This is her Shift.

Our first Komuso Community Spotlight.

We are proud of our reviews and even more proud of the Shift’s impact on our community. We are also grateful to people in our community like Betsy, who reached out to us through our customer service portal. We were so inspired by Betsy’s story, we asked her if she would be our first feature story in a series called Komuso Customer Spotlight. Thankfully, she said yes. 

Meet Betsy P. This is her Shift story.

"I've ordered several Shift necklaces from Komuso and believe in the science behind them. In fact, I just ordered another necklace and my first Cuff Shift!

I wanted to let you know how amazing the Shift has been for me. I bought my first one when I was sick with Covid in March/April of 2020 (the beginning of the pandemic). I can't begin to tell you how much it helped me! Not only was I physically sick, but I was full of anxiety and worry about my 2 sons who had to work during the pandemic. I ended up buying 2 more for them and we all used them. I've since bought several more to give to others suffering from anxiety.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2022 and I had what I know now was PSVT. It's a type of tachycardia in which my heart rate was over 200 beats per min! I was terrified so of course anxiety kicked in on top of the tachycardia. 

The tachycardia eventually stopped, but the anxiety I was experiencing still kept my heart rate elevated above a normal level. My youngest son ran and got my Shift from my nightstand and told me to breathe. It worked! It helped me focus on my breathing and that brought my heart rate back to normal.

I keep it with me now because I've had 9 more episodes since that first one....but none as bad. I know now I have to breathe and not become anxious because that just makes my heart have to work that much harder. 

I am having surgery in 2 weeks to correct my heart problem and hopefully it won't ever happen again! But the Shift is a permanent staple in my everyday attire from now on!! I'm so thankful that you made such an amazing product and I'm thankful to my son for bringing the Shift to me when I needed it the most!

I honestly believe if people gave the Shift a chance we would see a huge decline in the amount of anxiety and depression there is in our country. That's how much I believe in your product.

When I bought my first Shift, I was taking meds for both anxiety and depression and had been on them for 12 years (since I lost my husband). I'm happy to report that I have been off antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds for almost a year now! I know without a doubt the Shift played a big part in that! 

Learning how to breathe properly is THE best medicine there is! I still have days that can be rough, but now I know how to breathe through those days.

Thank you again for creating the Shift and changing lives for the better!"


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Tough and emotional: I like the sound of that.

Beyond sharing your experience with our revolutionary breathing tool or our guided journal Rotezen, talking with your friends and family about mental health and anxiety and stress will help us all normalize this conversation, become more comfortable sharing our lows along with our highs, and ultimately make us all more resilient.

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