Breathing happens automatically, which means we don’t think about it enough. When we don’t think about it, we take shallow breaths, which can agitate our nervous system and leave us in fight-or-flight mode. When we slow our exhale, and stop our shallow breathing, we can lower anxiety, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase focus, and so much more.

The science behind a slower exhale.

The Science of better breathing

The Active Shift is the utilitarian version of our Classic Shift.

Call it the everyday staple of our revolutionary breathing tool: as essential as socks and underwear.

The white tee to the crisp button-up, the gray hoodie to the leather jacket, the slip-on shoes to those favorite fall boots. Sometimes, most days actually, we just need an everyday version of our most treasured pieces.

The Active Shift is with you every step of the way. Your anchor in a storm of emotion, your daily breath break, your path to less anxiety, less stress, more peace of mind.

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Thanks Komuso xo

Since I received my shift I have not only worn it everyday, but also used it to help me in stressful situations or just to help me relax and practice my breathing techniques my psychologist has been trying to teach me for the past few years. Sure you can practice this type of breathing technique without it, but I find it to be a very useful tool and it helps to remind me to do it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers anxiety like myself.

Bree Herne, Eaglehawk, AU

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Can I return this? It’s not working for me.

Does the Shift make noise?

It’s just a straw, right?

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