Anxiety sucks. Remember to breathe with The Shift.

Here's 5 reasons why The Shift will become your day-in and day-out calm hack


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  • "I have found this to be immensely beneficial. What I think is brilliant about the Shift is that you can feel it around your neck and you get into the habit of using it to feel calm. I would recommend this product times 5,000 to anyone.โ€

    Dr. Sara Rabinovitch, PHD

  • "I'm physician / psychiatrist and want to offer my patients alternative treatment modalities. I wear one around my neck."

    Edmund Cavazos III, MD

  • "I have been raving about it to anyone that asks me about it. I love it because I get to inform them about how it is far from a whistle and is actually a mind-blowing concept and tool of healing."

    James Hallberg, Therapist / LCSW

1. Always with you

Wherever life takes you; The Shift sits comfortably around your neck as your daily breathing companion.


2. Ready to take on the day

Meeting? Big test? Stuck in traffic? We've all been thereโ€”that feeling where your heart is racing, your mind is racing, and you just need to take a deep breathโ€ฆ but you can't. The Shift helps ease anxious moments keeping you on top of your game.

At first I thought it was just a straw, but the size of the chamber matters and I use it bc I wear it. Crazy how something so simple can work so well.

- Vanessa T.

3. Stress relief, on-the-go

You're bombarded by notifications every day. What if you could reach for something other than your phone every time you had a second to breath? Maybe even something that helped you clear your mind and find calm?


4. Get off the grid

No Wi-Fi needed. No batteries. We've had enough with tech. The Shift is made with surgical-grade steel and is water resistant, so go ahead and get out there.

I use it daily bc it works immediately and you can feel the quality of metals, plus it never wears down. Definitely worth the price bc it keeps me accountable for using it. You just canโ€™t put a price on your health.

- Mark W.

5. Be mindful

You brush your teeth twice per day. What are you doing for your mind? The Shift is your reminder. Is it simple? Yes. Is it life-changing? Only, if you remember to breathe.


Your new favorite wellness tool is waiting.


FREE Returns

FREE Shipping Over $100

Not only do I suffer from anxiety but I also am trying to quit smoking and this tool helps with both :)


Love this necklace as a tool for managing anxiety. While it is not a cure, itโ€™s a very valuable tool. I wear it 24/7


As an ICU RN, stressful situations are constant and this little tool has allowed me to regain a peaceful state of mind.


There Are Many Ways To Shift

Classic Shift



Active Shift



Cuff Shift



When is the last time you remembered to breathe?