Luxe box chain

81 reviews

Luxe box chain

81 reviews
Color: Luxe Box Chain Silver
Meticulously crafted, our box chain was designed to complement the Shift, layer your current chain or just to be worn alone, itโ€™s that beautiful.

+ High grade stainless steel
+ Box chain, 2.0mm wide
+ Lobster clasp

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Michelle Carter

Beautiful and strong very happy with it!

Jodie Dyken
Daughter loves it

Read a lot about how power breathing can be in helping with anxiety. Decided to purchase a necklace for my daughter to help her focus on breathing when needed. She loves the look of it and finds herself using it much more than she thought she would as it is very calming. Thank you!

Kyanne Kerbel

I purchased

Brooke Breeding
Great tool !

My son is 13 and struggles with anxiety / panic disorder. Often times when he has an anxiety attack he struggles with hyperventilating. I got him the Shift necklace a few weeks ago and it has really helped him. He said it really makes him feel calm and also gives him a sense of security when he is wearing it! Great tool for all ages!

Sharon Joramo

Love the chain. Great quality!

Alanna Gismero
Talisman Piece

I very much like my Komuso Shift. I upgraded the chain and use both to hang it around my neck. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks though I have long ago learned to stop and breath. I find that I do hold on to my pendant when I need some grounding and that I am taking more breathing breaks. I also find that I am using Juul less (I am not a big smoker to begin with though so not sure how helpful it would be for someone who is). Iโ€™m still grinding my teeth and my TMJ still flares up but I definitely feel less heart palpitations since having this. It is a practice and does ease me to an extent. Not just with breathing but like a security blanket of sorts. I donโ€™t expect my โ€œthingโ€ to be everyoneโ€™s thing though. We all manage ourselves and use our tools uniquely.
If I lost this, I would purchase another.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1060 reviews
Dara Canty

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived bc it has a nice weight and really elevates the look of the shift when I wear it. was worth it for me.

Charlotte, NC
Johhny Chao

Iโ€™ve had this chain for over 3 months and it still looks brand new, super durable, and feels luxury. I slip it right over my head when I wear my Shift.

Page, AZ

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